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The Secrets of Mental Math

The Secrets of Mental Math


One key to expanding your math potential - whether you’re a corporate executive or a high school student - lies in the power to perform mental math calculations. Solving basic math problems in your head offers lifelong benefits, including a competitive edge at work, a sharper and more active mind, and improved performance on standardized tests. Mental mathematics also is valuable in your everyday life, such as when shopping for groceries or figuring out how much to tip at a restaurant. And perhaps the best part? Learning how to do mental math can be fun - especially when you’re learning in the company of Professor Arthur T. Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College, one of the most engaging and entertaining members of The Great Courses faculty. The Secrets of Mental Math, his exciting 12-lecture course, guides you through all the essential skills, tips, and tricks for improving and enhancing your ability to solve a range of mathematical problems right in your head. Mental math, according to Professor Benjamin, is not as daunting as it may seem. Performing calculations in your head is all just a process of breaking down a large problem into simpler and simpler problems until it’s finally reduced to a single answer. Assuming no detailed knowledge of mathematics, Professor Benjamin has designed this course to be accessible to anyone looking to tap into or strengthen his or her mental calculating skills. So prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure in mental mathematics. Enjoyable, eye-opening, and immensely rewarding, The Secrets of Mental Math makes basic math quicker and easier than ever before.

Title : The Secrets of Mental Math

author(s) :  Arthur T. Benjamin

Publisher: ********

Year: 2011

size : 1 Mb

file type : PDF

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