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Lectin Methods and Protocols

Lectin Methods and Protocols


A comprehensive collection of optimized methods for using lectins in biomedical research. The techniques-fine-tuned by the researchers who developed them-apply lectins to the analysis of carbohydrates, to the isolation and quantification of glycoproteins, and to living cells. Also included are detailed methods for the separation of human bone marrow cells for clinical use, for the assessment of the biological effects of plant lectins, and for the use of light and electron microscopy in analyzing carbohydrate structures. Extremely useful tools for examining structural changes in glycosylation and their functional consequences for human pathophysiology.

Title : Lectin Methods and Protocols

author(s) :  Jonathan M. Rhodes, Jeremy D. Milton

Publisher: Humana Press

Year: 2010

size : 43 Mb

file type : PDF

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