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Biology in Physics. Is Life Matter

Biology in Physics. Is Life Matter


Biology in Physics is a radical new book which bridges the gap between biology and physics. The aim is to promote an interdisciplinary exchange of scientific information and ideas, in order to stimulate cooperation in research. The scope of this volume explores both the concepts and techniques of biophysics and illustrates the latest advances in our understanding of many of the specific mechanisms that are used by living organisms. This volume represents a special effort to bring together the information that would allow a nonbiologically oriented physicist to appreciate the important role that physics plays in life sciences.
  • An introduction to biophysics for non-specialist
  • Covers all the important topices in modern biophysics
  • Takes account of the latest information emerging from biophysical projects
  • Reports on novel therapeutic strategies
  • Presents an advanced-level overview of mechanisms that regulate a variety of processes in organisms ranging from bacterial to whales

Title : Biology in Physics. Is Life Matter

author(s) :  Konstantin Bogdanov

Publisher: AP

Year: 2002

size : 14 Mb

file type : PDF

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