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Nonlinear optical waves

Nonlinear optical waves


This book has been designed as a tutorial for the theory of non-linear waves in optics. The emphasis is on the basic aspects of the theory, on analytical methods and on non-dissipative phenomena. The self-induced transparency phenomenon and short pulse propagation in fibres are good examples of the important role solitons play in non-linear optics. The classical problem of non-linear optics is the parametric interaction of waves. Three- and four-wave parametric interaction processes are of particular interest because they enable new applications of the inverse scattering transform method to non- linear systems without any dispersion. Surface and guided waves are considered as specific examples of non-linear integrated optics. Audience: This volume will be of interest to those involved in electromagnetic theory, optics and optoelectronics, lasers and electro-optics, and the mathematics of physics.

Title : Nonlinear optical waves

author(s) :  A.I. Maimistov, A.M. Basharov

Publisher: Springer

Year: 2010

size : 3 Mb

file type : DJVU

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