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Plants, Factoscope

Plants, Factoscope


Factoscope is a series of six full-colour books designed to invite pupils to explore and discover the world of science. Each page provides comprehensive information dealing with one aspect of the topic of the book. Large, vibrantly-coloured artwork, diagrams and photographs support the text on each page.
The six books in the series are:

  • Earth
  • Plants
  • Animal World
  • Machines and inventions
  • Human body
  • Universe
 Each of the 64 pages contain key facts and terms, highlighting important aspects of text. An index at the back allows the reader to easily locate specific information within the book. Large print allows easier reading for pupils. The series is suitable for pupils from five to twelve years old to read, and of interest to readers from five years of age to adults.

Title : Plants, Factoscope

author(s) :  Saddleback Educational Publishing, Bookmatrix

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing

Year: 2007

size : 15 Mb

file type : PDF

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