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Emulsion Science. Basic Principles

Emulsion Science. Basic Principles


Emulsions are generally made out of two immiscible fluids like oil and water, one being dispersed in the second in the presence of surface-active compounds. They are used as intermediate or end products in a huge range of areas including the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, and coating industries. Besides the broad domain of technological interest, emulsions are raising a variety of fundamental questions at the frontier between physics and chemistry. This book aims to give an overview of the most recent advances in emulsion science. The basic principles, covering aspects of emulsion from their preparation to their destruction, are presented in close relation to both the fundamental physics and the applications of these materials. The book is intended to help scientists and engineers in formulating new materials by giving them the basics of emulsion science.

Title : Emulsion Science. Basic Principles

author(s) :  Fernando Leal-Calderon, Véronique Schmitt, Jerôme Bibette

Publisher: Springer

Year: 2010

size : 5 Mb

file type : PDF

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