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Diagnostic Virology Protocols

Diagnostic Virology Protocols


A collection of cutting-edge techniques for detecting most of the major viruses that afflict mankind, including influenza, hepatitis, herpes, polio, mumps, HIV, and many more. The techniques are well-tested, easily reproducible, and readily employ all the new technologies-PCR, RIA, ELISA, and latex-agglutination-that have revolutionized the field. These methods not only make it possible to do the necessary analysis in hours instead of days, but can also be automated in a laboratory havng only low levels of biological containment. Frequently, the protocols for viruses causing human diseases can be adapted to similar viruses of veterinary importance. Through its state-of-the-art methods a physician can, for the first time, determine early in a viral infection which antiviral drug should be used and minimize the period of treatment to avoid unnecessary side effects.

Title : Diagnostic Virology Protocols

author(s) :  John R. Stephenson, Alan Warnes

Publisher: Humana Press

Year: 2010

size : 23 Mb

file type : PDF

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